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Sorry but ALL the retreats are now SOLD OUT. We will post here if any more become available!

About Body and Soul Retreats

About Body and Soul Retreats

Mission statement

1. About 'Body and Soul Retreats': The retreat has been designed to uncut the complexities surrounding weight loss and good health. A simple, easy and refreshing approach is taken, which has been the secret recipe for its huge success.

What separates 'Body and Soul Retreats' from any other in New Zealand:

  • Designed and delivered by Gary Dawkins – recognised as New Zealand's Premier Weight Loss and Health & Fitness Expert
  • 100% personally tailored approach
  • Proven programmes that make it simple and easy for you
  • GUARANTEE to you, for both fast results and long lasting results
  • Beautifully untouched, pure, fresh, green, clean and natural environment: The Southern Most Retreat In The World!
  • Unparalleled post retreat support, and post retreat programmes

Typically, 'Body and Soul Retreat' clients are people who have the challenge of losing weight, and who are experiencing the negative emotional and physical results this has on their lives. The team support, empower, guide and lead their clients to short and long term weight loss results so they can live the life they deserve to live.

Have a look at the 'Exclusive Body and Soul Retreat Blueprint' TM

Body and Soul Retreats blueprint

2. A NZ FIRST: This is NO calorie counting retreat! This is NO fat camp! This is a proven results oriented retreat that uses proven 'Life Technology' strategies to change your habits. This retreat is real, meaning that your results will keep coming long after you have completed the retreat!

The nutrition at the retreat comprises of delicious recipes that will last you for a lifetime. The focus here is on 'mindful' eating - one of the cutting edge techniques (once mastered correctly) that will be your weight loss and health and fitness saviour!

The activity at the retreat is personally tailored to meet your exact requirements. So no need to panic! You will have a lot of fun. This SMART (versus hard) activity approach enables results to happen fast, and to keep happening once you leave the retreat.

More Reasons Why 'Body and Soul Retreats' Is A New Zealand First:

It is designed around long lasting change and not just a short-term focus. Long lasting results are the backbone of the design of the 'Body and Soul Retreat' Programme.

This means they take a 100% personalised approach
so that you get 100% of the results you come for.

The retreat is the result of 17 years of relentless testing and measuring. With a proven results guaranteed formula, that differentiates them from any other retreat in the world!

New Zealand's most credible Weight Loss and Health & Fitness Expert – Gary Dawkins; designs, and delivers the Retreat, along with his highly experienced team.

Gary has been writing regular articles for 'Body and Soul' for seven years. He has gained major New Zealand national recognition for designing proven cutting edge weight loss and health & fitness programmes. Gary has lead thousands of people to their goal weight and their desired health and fitness level.

He has been a specialist in the Health and Fitness industry for the past 19 years, after graduating from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Physical Education Degrees. Gary also has International certification for Life Technology, Performance Consulting, and NLP coaching.

3. Guarantee Results Formula

4. Should I Do It?

  • Insanity is thinking and doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!
    If you try something different you will get a different result.

  • Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most!
    If you look ahead 1 year from now –
    - How do you want to feel?
    - How do you want to look?

  • Quality doesn’t cost – it pays!
    Enough said – it’s time for action, it’s time to invest in you, it’s time to feel great again.

So the answer is YES, YOU SHOULD DO IT! And book it in NOW or else you will always be leaving it to tomorrow!


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“Lose weight with delicious and nutritious foods”


100% fresh, organic and natural

Retreat Environment: 100% clean, untouched and pure: the southernmost retreat in the world!

Retreat Programmes: 100% Proven, 100% Personalised and 100% SMART


  • My daughter and I needed something different. Something that would solve our weight problems. I was getting really worried about her health. Then I realised I was not a good role model!

    My habits were nothing to be proud of! So we decided to do the ‘Body & Soul Retreat’ together.

    It has changed our life forever. I highly recommend the ‘Body & Soul Retreats’ at the Catlins RiverRidge Retreat.

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    Ann and Khloe Richards, Dunedin, NZ
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