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About Gary Dawkins

About Gary Dawkins

Mission statement

Close Up TVNZ Gary Dawkins newsGary's inspired mission in life is to help to get people the weight loss and health and fitness results they deserve, so that they can feel great about themselves and live the life they want to live.

His message is simple – "that everybody can have the body and life they deserve."

Because Gary knows that once people are happy with the way they look - they think, feel and act positively within all aspects of their life.

"People gain back control of their emotions, and their emotions do not control them! When people are immersed into a different environment from what they are so used to, they have tremendous opportunities to make huge positive physical, emotional and mental changes. The best environment to go to is one that is the complete opposite to what they are so used to", says Gary.

These days Gary is fortunate to be living a life of his dreams – He has a wife to 'die for', a beautiful daughter who he gets to spend quality time with daily, and a house, lifestyle block and career of his dreams.

But it wasn't always this way!

Prior to July 1997 Gary was in a really lonely place – His thinking would spiral out of control, making him a victim of his own world, "My negative thoughts became ingrained habits, which affected every aspect of my life, negatively."

Enough was enough and in July 1997 he attended a health and fitness retreat, because he was determined to change his habits and thinking and remove himself from the 'victim' role he was playing out in his world. This retreat changed his life forever!

It was this turning point in his life that inspired Gary to make it his 'life mission' to inspire, empower, guide and support others to 'breakthrough' their barriers to weight loss and better health, so they to, can live the life of their dreams.

Gary is recognised as NZ's leading weight loss and health & fitness expert. He has:

  • Over 17 years experience in the weight loss and health and fitness industry
  • Been the #1 author for Body and Soul articles for the last 7 years
  • Gained national news recognition on National television for his weight loss and health and fitness programmes
  • 7 years formal qualifications in the industry: a 4 year Otago University Physical Education degree and numerous international certificates
  • Guided, supported, inspired and empowered over 7000 people to their dream body shape and health

Gary's skills are in consulting, coaching and mentoring – He provides you with both the weight loss and health & fitness skills and the mindset to accompany them.

The skill set without the mindset will leave you upset!

The mind set without the skill set will leave you upset!

That's why the two must work together!

Gary Dawkins Certificates

Performance consultant certificate
Results certification certificate
Master results certification certificate
Ericksonian hypnosis certificate
Master hypnosis certificate
Neurological repatterning certificate
Advanced neurological certificate

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  • My daughter and I needed something different. Something that would solve our weight problems. I was getting really worried about her health. Then I realised I was not a good role model!

    My habits were nothing to be proud of! So we decided to do the ‘Body & Soul Retreat’ together.

    It has changed our life forever. I highly recommend the ‘Body & Soul Retreats’ at the Catlins RiverRidge Retreat.

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    Ann and Khloe Richards, Dunedin, NZ
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