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Sorry but ALL the retreats are now SOLD OUT. We will post here if any more become available!

Body and soul programme

Body and Soul Programme


Mission statement

The Retreat Programme For Guaranteed Fat Loss and Health & Fitness


  • Personal details assessment
  • Nutrition assessment
  • Body fat assessment
  • Hydration levels
  • Body girth measurements
  • Blood pressure assessment
  • Cardiovascular assessment
  • Postural and stability assessment

These factors are all completed throughout the programme.


We have 3 different retreat durations; 2, 4 and 10 days/nights.

When can you attend?

Please go to the Book Now page to see available retreats then simply book online. You can also click on a retreat in the 'Upcoming Retreats' box.


About the 5 Step 'Body and Soul Retreats' Programme for
Guaranteed Fat Loss and Health & Fitness TM

5 steps to guaranteed weight loss

This proven programme first strips off the body fat, by using a combination of variables that are 100% personalised: Then, the correct combination of organic and fresh nutrition, activity and life technologies are integrated together to form a SMART 100% customised package that works immediately, and for the long term! Your body weight will then reduce to the levels you deserve.

At 'Body and Soul Retreats', the team understand what the mind and body has already endured in its attempt(s) to lose weight and to be healthy and fit. It is for this reason why this proven programme was first designed.

It comprises of a combination of fresh organic balanced nutrition, and healthy activity all within the purity of nature. Eating the right food is essential for losing weight in a balanced and healthy way. They don't promote fad or crash diets, because they are unhealthy for the body in the long run.

Extremes like massively restricting calories, or completely cutting out carbohydrates are unnecessary and can cause harm to the body.

Instead, they serve a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Packed with quality lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and moderate amounts of good fats.

Life Technology sessions, a lifetime of customised balanced nutritional recipes and activity programmes tailored 100%, are just some of the components of this programme that make it so successful.

This programme has been designed off the 'backbone' of 17 years of relentless testing and measuring – the results of the programme 'speck for themselves'! The team at 'Body and Soul Retreats' are extremely experienced at supporting, guiding, and leading you to the weight loss results you deserve.

This programme has been specifically designed to 'kick start' you into healthy living. It comprises of a combination of fresh organic balanced nutrition, and healthy activity, all within the purity of nature.

Another outcome of the programme is that you will sustain high daily energy levels that stay consistent throughout the day, without the energy highs and lows so common with living in modern society.

The three levels of guaranteed results that you will get from the 'Body and Soul Retreats' Fat Loss and Health & Fitness Programme:

  1. Tangible Physical Results: Immediate fat loss and toned muscle, and ongoing weight loss. Immediate 'high energy levels' that are sustained all day long. A more cardio-vascularly fit and stronger body
  2. Emotional Results: Immediate and ongoing Inner Confidence and high Self Worth
  3. Mind Results: You will think a lot more positively about yourself

Take a look at a typical day at Retreat:

Sample Day:




7:30 am

30 minutes

Morning walk in Nature’s Paradise

8:45 am


See recipes: mindful eating practise

8:45 am

Life Technologies 1

Secret weapon 1

9:45 am

Swiss ball / Medicine ball session

The power of your body weight for body fat loss

11 am

Morning snack

See recipes: mindful eating practise

11:30 am

Fat Loss Nutrition education 1

Secret weapon 2

12:30 pm


See recipes: mindful eating practise

1:30 pm

Individual meetings

Secret weapon 3

2:30 pm

Time out


3:30 pm

Afternoon Snack

See recipes: mindful eating practise

4 pm

Scenic Catlins Tour

Gentle Walking

5:30 pm


See recipes: mindful eating practise

7:00 pm

Relaxation (optional) massage

Nurture your Body

Kayak photo

NB: Time out time: There are many attractions to explore in the stunning Catlins.

As a part of the 'Body and Soul Retreats' programme, you have the choice of being taken on guided tours to explore this amazing slice of paradise.

As a part of the retreat programme, you also have the option of partaking in the following activities:

  • Scenic Kayaking through the Catlins Rain Forest
  • Scenic Catlins Mountain bike riding
  • Catlins participative high country farm tour

NB: It is popular for retreat guests to come and combine the retreat programme with their holidaying.

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“Lose weight with delicious and nutritious foods”


100% fresh, organic and natural

Retreat Environment: 100% clean, untouched and pure: the southernmost retreat in the world!

Retreat Programmes: 100% Proven, 100% Personalised and 100% SMART


  • My daughter and I needed something different. Something that would solve our weight problems. I was getting really worried about her health. Then I realised I was not a good role model!

    My habits were nothing to be proud of! So we decided to do the ‘Body & Soul Retreat’ together.

    It has changed our life forever. I highly recommend the ‘Body & Soul Retreats’ at the Catlins RiverRidge Retreat.

    Read More
    Ann and Khloe Richards, Dunedin, NZ
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