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Sorry but ALL the retreats are now SOLD OUT. We will post here if any more become available!


A Truly Results Guaranteed experience. The new environment was so important for me to allow me to change my habits and mind-set that had been holding me back for so long.

I lost 4% body fat and 2kg while at the retreat for 7 days.

Six months later I am now a whole 16kg lighter and feeling amazing, with my new life. The retreat, with its ‘back to nature’ and ‘simplicity’ approach towards what really works was just what I need to change my habits.

Tina Johnson, Auckland NZ, Accountant

I needed something that was results orientated and that was really going to work for me. I had been struggling for years trying to get into a body shape that I was happy with.

The Body and Soul Retreat is based on a ‘fresh pure’ and simple delicious foods that can easily be continued with back at home. The natural quiet, clean and fresh environment was so relaxing – the complete opposite to what I was used to in Auckland.

And the activity was easy, yet so effective. They customized everything to suit me. I went home with ‘real life’ programmes and new habits. Thanks heaps guys!

Jason Coleman, Auckland NZ, Business Owner

It really does reflect the South most Retreat in the world – simple living, fresh, ‘super foods’, straight out of the ground, amongst nature and its beauty.

A truly tranquil retreat, with all the ingredients to ensure short and long sustainable weight loss and wellbeing occurs.

Bronwyn Jones, CEO, Christchurch

Before attending the ‘Body + Soul Retreat’ I had been on countless diets and exercise plans with good immediate results but never lasting results.

I knew how great I felt within myself when I was happy with my appearance. At the retreat I learned it was all about breaking down my disempowering habits, with the help of Gary and his brilliant supportive team, I was able to apply new strategies so that my results could be maintained for the rest of my life.

These strategies enables me to free my mind – and then I could free my body!

Ian Hazeldone, Solicitor NZ New Plymouth

A fun results orientated programme that was customised to suit my ‘real life’ lifestyle. Gave me a fantastic kick start.

Tania Walker, Bay of Islands NZ

I was overwhelmed with the expert knowledge support and guidance the team at ‘Body & Soul Retreats’ gave me. Just as overwhelming the support I have received post retreat, back at home.

They really do keep me accountable even months after attending the retreat.

Elizabeth Parker, Hamilton NZ

A real life changing experience.

Vince Burgess, Consultant, Invercargill NZ

Easy to understand living simply, eating pure and fresh, rejuvenating for the mind, and full of results, is the best way we can explain it.

Barbara and John Falkner, husband and wife, Sydney, Australia

My daughter and I needed something different. Something that would solve our weight problems. I was getting really worried about her health. Then I realised I was not a good role model!

My habits were nothing to be proud of!

So we decided to do the ‘Body & Soul Retreat’ together. It has changed our life forever. I highly recommend the ‘Body & Soul Retreats’ at the Catlins RiverRidge Retreat.

Ann and Khloe Richards, Dunedin, NZ

Gary’s approach really suited us. It was based on cutting the complexity surrounding the topic of weight loss, and wellness and keeping it simple and results orientated. Bringing it all back to the old times, and with nature, was refreshing for the soul - the opposite of the way modern life is today.

In the last three days I’ve started applying the methods to 'real life' amazing how they can work back at home.

Father and Daughter, Tony and Sam, New Plymouth NZ

Loved it. Great Weight loss at the retreat. I am now in a far better space in life.

Feeling content and happy and it all started at the 'Body + Soul Retreat'.

Jane Mathews, Teacher, Christchurch

A positive experience in my life that I will always remember.

Carl Knowles, Hawkesbay, NZ

The retreat programme provides a great balance between science and simplicity, nutrition and exercise, work time and relaxation time.

A must attend, programme for anyone wanting real results for a lifetime.

Ange Richards, Gym Owner, South Island, NZ

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